Our Services

Small Animal Services

The Doctors and staff of Krichel Animal Hospital strive to provide the highest quality care of care for dogs and cats, using the most modern technology and veterinary techniques.  We focus on the whole animal, addressing needs such as wellness, longevity, behavior, and the human-animal bond.

Some Interesting Facts

  • Corgi is Welsh for “dwarf dog.”
  • A dog’s sense of smell is more than 1 million times stronger than that of a person.
  • More than 1 in 3 families in the United States owns a dog.
  • The average body temperature for a dog is 101.2.
  • It is a myth dogs are colorblind; they actually see color, just not as vividly as a person.
  • Obesity is the number-one health problem in dogs.
  • Dogs are omnivorous; they need to eat more than just meat.
  • With an average lifespan of just over 11 years, the typical dog costs $13,500.
  • Dogs will be submissive to anyone they feel is higher up in the pack.

What We Offer

Our Doctor’s offer a variety of services including: Surgery, Dentistry, Laboratory, Preventive Medical Care, EKG & Digital X-Ray, Therapy Laser, Nutritional Counseling, Internal & External Parasite Control Programs, and many more!

Boarding services are also available to our clients. We require that animals who board with us have all their immunizations up-to-date.  Summer months and holidays are busy times for boarding and grooming, so we advise making reservations as far in advance as possible. Boarders are admitted and discharged only during regular office hours.

We provide complete grooming services for our clients. We recommend a regular grooming schedule for the pet’s comfort and to prevent skin and hair problems and disease. In addition, we are happy to suggest two-fold flea and tick programs that combine control of the pests on the animal and in the home.  Please call in advance for an appointment. We do require that all pets being groomed be up to date on their immunizations.

Who we are

In addition to veterinary services, we offer our clients a wide variety of informational resources to assist them with their animal care decisions. Excellence in customer care is the foundation of our practice and we strive to leave you feeling comfortable, informed, and with all of your questions answered. Come on in and give us a visit today!

Krichel Animal Hospital: your neighbors in companion animal care.